Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Got all my Christmas glasses done!!! Woohoo!! Now im going to relax and enjoy my nice long holiday!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone... enjoy!!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh my god!!! So so many glasses to paint before christmas!! Gonna cry!! Got another order today for 2 more wine glasses!!!!!
Shouldn't really be wasting time on here..........................

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How the hell has it been 2 months since i wrote here!!!! I dunno...time is goin too quickly!
Anyway i've been getting busy and painting orders a plenty!
Got myself some funky little tags to tie onto my glasses....make them a bit more pretty to give a presents, rather than just boring glasses!
Did this dolphin jar last week...well happy with the way it turned out! Was pooping about doing dolphins, thought they were going to be so hard...but weren't too tricky! Made it all glittery too so hopefully the lady who ordered it will like it too!

Gotta make 28 of these little babies for a friends hen night!!!! Better get a move on with them!!!

Got so much to do... a friend of mine asked me to paint her wedding candles!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!! So scared im gonna mess them up!!! Gonna get practicing on some crappy candles first, before i dare go near her's!! Feel so special that she's asked me to do them though!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Also got 3 sets of flower patterned wine glasses to do before christmas also gotta do another set of wine glasses with a girl singing karaoke and musical notes on!!! And a pint glass with some sort of golfer on it! Finding this one really tricky and dont know exactly what to do!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Watch this space for more pics!