Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got my first custom bottle order finished and am really happy with the results.

Here's a pic of shop bought magnets and the bottle i painted to match!Not much going on today.... it's Tuesday so my 'quiet' day...only 2 kids to look after and no school run so no going out in the rain, unless i want to!!! Woohoo!!

So it's been a day of tantrums, food making, picking fallen over children up of the floor, cleanign up splattered food, hoovering, dishwasher loading/unloading, nappy changing, order packing (packaging a painted bottle is surprisingly confusing!!!) and very little painting getting done.... But Bobi did discover the joys of jumping on bubble wrap so that was nice!!!

Gonna be spending the night painting, i can sense it!!! I've started on my black bottle now, doing silver stars to prettify it. Watch this space.....